Cleaning and maintenance of your boilers are imperative to ensure long running and smoother functioning of your boilers and to avoid any safety hazard that might present itself due to negligence.

Royale Boiler Services offers you a cleaning system that works to remove any debris, rust and sludge that has accumulated within your central heating system and give it a deep clean effect. Power flush helps to restore the full circulation of water, improving the output of your boiler and radiators.

What is PowerFlush?

Powerflush is a method of cleaning and maintaining your heating system like boilers. In this method water is sent at high velocity through the system to dislodge and remove debris, deposits, and sludge build-up. This cleaning process helps improve heat distribution throughout the heating system, reduces energy consumption and increasing system reliability.

Why is it important to do a PowerFlush?

Power Flushing your heating systems at regular intervals gives you

  1. More economical and energy efficient boiler
  2. More even heat distribution throughout the boiler
  3. Prolonged system life

The fact is that in today’s time no home can do without an efficient boiler and central heating system. Statisticians show that especially in summer months the use of shower and bath are on the increase for obvious reasons. And hot water is not just a commodity rather a necessity. An underworking heating system will throw a family out of their daily gear.

Not only in households, heating systems are an integral part of any industry today.

So book your appointment today to give your heating system a thorough power flush.

How to tell if your system needs a power flush?

Some classical signs that your boiler needs a power flush

How does Power Flush work?

A power flush system captures almost 100% of the suspended particulate matter.

Before beginning the process of power flush ensure the following-

Probable highly sludged areas are first identified and consulted with the owners i.e. cold radiators, and highly corroded areas.

After checking all pre-requisites and connecting the power flush machine, an initial flush is done to remove the system water and refill with fresh water. The cleaner is added to this and circulated. A continuous flow is maintained with fresh water and cleaner mix as input and dump matter as outlet.

Post the cleaning process the protector is circulated for as long as is needed to ensure long term protection against corrosion.

Finally, you will now have a heating system that is thoroughly cleansed with correct PH and treated with an inhibitor to maintain the system for the next 12 months.

Book your appointment today to give your heating system a thorough power flush.