Domestic Heating/Boilers

Apart from servicing a variety of commercial establishments, domestic heating services is something we give equal importance to, because we understand that a Home Maker who manages the businesses of all the family members needs the most efficiently running heating and gas systems.

Our installers are accredited and trained in installing Worcester Bosch boilers and cylinders. All our services be it repair or installation, safety procedures are our priority and we guarantee the best safety practices with your Worcester product. We take pride in our membership with the Worcester’s programme and we also install Baxi boilers. Given Andy Challenor’s vast experience whilst working for Baxi, we have the expertise to cater to your Baxi, Potterton and Main boilers service and breakdown needs. We fit both Worcester Bosch unvented cylinders and the market leaders Heatrae Sadia Mega Flow and Santon Unvented cylinders. Be it installation, service or repair we cater to all your boiler needs.

We can offer extended guarantees to your Worcester product, to know more in details please contact us.

Our Domestic Heating Services include

If you don’t have a natural gas supply in your area, we can still take care of your heating requirements with the Oil Boiler, through an on-site oil supply technology. Our Worcester Bosch oil condensing boilers are designed as per the latest technologies and shows a performance that matches more than 90% of Gas Supple Boilers. It also helps save up to 30% of your energy consumption.

It is also of utmost importance to have your oil-fired appliance serviced every 6-12 months as just getting hot water from your appliance is not an indicator of its safety. OFTEC recommends replacing your nozzle and flexible fuel lines every 12 months. For more details on safety checks and replacements, please contact us

Just because your appliance is giving you hot water does not mean that your appliance is running safely. Be Safe and have it checked by us.

LPG Boilers are also used popularly where gas network is not very prevalent. Where the dependency in such case were hugely on solid fuel, LPG has come as a much cleaner and environment friendly option. There are diverse types of LPG boilers which include water heaters which offer a great solution for mobile homes, caravans and properties where you may be using solid fuel for the heating of your home.

LPG boilers rely on the use of stored gas and though it cannot be used on large scale and centralised systems, it works out fine for those of you who are unable to access the regular gas supply.

We are well equipped to handle different types of boilers and service it from installations, to repair and replacement, and all our other services mentioned.

To know more in details, call us immediately on the given numbers