Commercial Heating/Boilers

Royale Boiler Services provides you with an efficient, one stop solution to your business’ needs on boilers and centralized room heating services. We cater to a large range of industries and specialise in commercial heating services like hotels, pubs, business organisations, doctors’ clinics, warehouses, care homes and the like.

We offer our services specially for these commercial ventures that need centralized heating systems, boiler rooms, 24 hr hot water services

A few of our services that we offer are-

Heating, Gas & Plumbing work

From fault-finding to repairing, occasional servicing to maintenance contracts, Royale keeps all your boiler requirements in mind and targets to give you a satisfied experience.


We conduct installations of all types of boilers from Combi boiler, system boiler, gas appliances, hot water stores, unvented hot water, etc.

Boiler rooms


These rooms are in proportion to the vastness of the commercial set-up and are function mainly to heat water, air or steam in a centralised faculty. Also commonly known as the mechanical room, it consists of air handlers, boilers, chillers, heat exchangers, water heaters , pumps and back-up generators.

Plant Rooms

A separate room is maintained for all mechanical & electrical equipment other than heating and boiler machines.

We boast of an experience and expertise gained from a wide range of commercial/ industrial types – Accor hotels, Barchester care homes, numerous pub chains and local pottery banks as well as numerous social clubs, health centres and high street shops.

A satisfied experience is something we guarantee. So call us today to get an optimal quote or to know more about our services.