Commercial Catering


Whatever the type and size of your catering business, Royale Boiler Services gives you the solutions for your commercial catering equipment to keep them in top notch working condition and give you peace of mind. We are at your service, be it in cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices, bars, pubs, take-aways or even care homes.

We understand the boiler needs in commercial catering- public sector or private, and cater to all your various catering equipment needs, including emergency calls and certifications as well as commercial kitchen inspection.

Also, we ensure that you are ready with your 12 monthly Commercial gas safety certificate (CP42) whenever the health and safety inspector turns up on site.

Our services include

What industries will come under Commercial Catering

We cater to any group, institute, organization or gathering that involves a kitchen, catering to the participants or members.

Be it public places like hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars even take-aways.

Private organizations like offices, clubs.

Institutions like schools, colleges, universities

Health care segments like hospitals, clinics, care homes, etc.

Royale Boilers are always available for your kitchen equipment needs.